It’s the little things, by Paul Walker

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Here is his message for today:

🔥Paul Walker: “Each morning you open your eyes think of something that makes you happy. Something that makes you feel happy to be here. It can be simple things that you can take for granted. It is good to remind yourself of the little things and be grateful for them. Staying in bed longer and sleeping in. Opening your window and hearing the birds sing. Hearing the voice of your child. The giggles of children are the best cheer me ups! I love to watch children play. Their enthusiasm and their genuine approach to life is what it’s really all about. Be like children and make things lighter. Breathe in the goodness of life because life really is good. You’re here to live in that way, seizing the moment of the day. Life goes by so fast, before you know it it’s over. I am the one to know this as I felt it was over too soon too when I crossed over. I wanted to do so much more and that is what I love about earth. You get to experience so much while being here. It goes fast but there isn’t a single moment of boredom because you get to experience a lot! Much more than you ever can on another planet.
Everything is a discovery on earth. You get to be excited to do things for the first time, to learn and to grow. Every moment is a moment to live for! Seize that moment every single day. Don’t waste it by complaining or wanting to change it. This is it, this is the moment to be happy and if you want to make changes you can because each day you get to choose what you do all over again. I have grown to appreciate a lot of things in my life that I wouldn’t have valued when I was younger. I started to see the things that really mattered and what I really wanted to do in life. It got clear to me what it was all about, the deeper meaning of life wasn’t about work. It was about slowing down and pacing myself. Enjoying the good stuff. Family, connections, the love for humanity, children and animals. All of those were my real passion and I had many to choose from. I tried a lot of them. So pace yourself, slow down, take it easy. Don’t forget to breathe and take in the good stuff. You’re here to have fun and it’s up to you to figure out what makes you happy and what you’re passionate about.

✨Me: Any regrets that you have now that you are on the other side. Do you feel you could have done things differently?

🔥Paul Walker: There’s things that I wish I saw earlier and understood faster. The importance and value of things that I am now sharing with you all. But I have no regrets, my life wasn’t perfect but I am happy with the way it turned out to be. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I learned a lot from it and I gave it my all and I still am. My mission isn’t over. I’m still here and I am still watching over as I always have about the people I love. Now I can just do more and show more love from here. There is no time here, I can be anywhere I am needed. Time and space is a cool concept that has a totally different meaning when you’re on this side. I am here and everywhere else at once.

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