The things that really matter, by Paul Walker.

Paul Walker wanted to share his love with you. Here is his message for you all!

ME: What message do you have for the people at this time?

Paul Walker: “Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of what’s happening around you. Don’t get distracted by fear and by the reactions that you see on the news. They’re all not real, all that you are seeing that is being put out there will distract you from going deeper. The real power that you have is when you go inside and when you feel. And I mean REALLY feel. When you do that you can feel the connection with everyone around you. That’s how it’s always been and that’s what makes people happy. These are the sort of connections that you are all making right now and what everyone is really looking for. Now more people are starting to make these kind of connections. From where I am now I am seeing all of you connecting the dots and realizing the things that are really important in life. The things that really matter but that a lot of people put in the second place.

What really matters is family and I am not only talking about the blood related kind. I am talking about the soul connections. That real bond and that solid feeling that you have in friendships. Knowing that you are there for each other no matter how hard times get. You need these kind of connections to keep going and right now I am seeing bonds forming and trust becoming stronger. I have been helping with these kind of connections and bringing people together through their hearts.
I am happy to see how many are getting it now, how many are seeing how important it is to love deep. This is what will get you through these times. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now and it’s paying off. You’re going to see the results of this work soon.

Keep having faith in yourself and in humanity. Never give up hope because it seems like things are getting worse. It’s actually the opposite and you are getting stronger. The friendships you are forming with others when you are not even physically together is amazing! Use the tools that you have in this time to connect even more with others around the world. You have all this technology so you can use it to help even when you feel you can’t do much but spend time at home.

All it takes sometimes is to listen to others, to share experiences and show some love. Just show love in the way that you can. I, for one, am excited about this time. I am excited to see you all grow and see how far you have all come. I applaud you for your hard work, I really do!

Things from this side look different then from where you are. We have a different perspective over here. But I know the ones that are reading this share this higher perspective and know the truth. The truth is love, the truth is always to love others when they give you every reason not to. And right now the world is asking for some big love from you. So give it your all, knowing that love will always bring exactly what the world needs right now. Stay strong, you can do this!”

🔥An additional message came through from him.🔥

ME: Why are so many people getting the virus, what is the purpose for this?

Paul Walker: “Most people are living their lives not realizing what matters the most. These people are being halted. This is why they got it. They have to slow down and respect their body and their needs. They are being shown how to take care of themselves. There is a deeper meaning for them to be sick and for those around them to experience it with them. It’s not to frighten them, it’s to help them see how much they matter.
These people need love and a lot of it. They chose to be the example for others. To help people bring awareness of what is happening within.
The world is stopped now and faced with their deepest emotions. The ones they have been running away from. They have been running away from feelings, only focused on moving forward. Now is the time to stand still and focus on the inside. The love that is within, that is the goal here. The focus should be on that.”

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