Allow yourself to rest to integrate the new

I made this painting for a young soul that has a strong essence of Yeshua. I am grateful to be able to share his message with you.

“Beloved, be mindful of your feelings and your thoughts at this time because much of what you feel is being experienced within the collective right now. As you are moving through the changes of your energetic and physical body that are being upgraded you may feel worn out, pressured, heavy, stuck or other emotions that make you feel as it is too much.

You are receiving energy from the higher realms and you are in the midst of integration and activation of dormant cells. That which has been asleep is now waking up within you. Give yourself time, rest and love for what you are feeling. It is now a matter of honoring your own needs without feeling guilty or pressured to do more than you are. You are enough in every single meaning of the word and it is time now to rest. Listen to your body and to your needs. Feel as to what you truly need without using your mind to interrupt and make you want to move forward. It is now time to stop and to listen to yourself.

You are coming into balance with your feminine and masculine self and this is a challenging experience for your body. More integration will occur the upcoming days. So you can now take the time listen deeper to your inner voice and to what you physically need right now. Take a deep breathe in and out. Know that all is well and that you are becoming the pure embodiment of love.”

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