The Lions Gate activation

The Lions Gate Offer : A spirit guide painting for the Lion Gates for 8/8!

🎉This painting is ONLY €35 and includes a PERSONAL channeled message.
🎊This is a GROUP painting. This means that all souls who feel called to connect with this light being will receive the painting with its activations and a personal message.

Can you feel the activations and energies of the Lions Gate already?
Do you feel a connection to Sirius and Lyrans?
Do you want to see what light being wants to guide you at this time?

We are moving into a higher consciousness as a collective. Many are awakening and many are being called to step up and truly believe in their innate power. Are you feeling the call too?

This painting will contain high vibrational energies from Sirius and the Lyrans to help you with integrating your higher self and bringing balance into your emotions.
Healing, clearing, activations and all that YOU specifically need to get you where you want to be.

The light being(s) in this painting will help you with their specific energy, skills and wisdom to help you further on your journey.
Discover who this magical being is and how they will be able to help you!

🔥Who can this be?
Angels, ascended masters, galactic beings, Elders, Elementals, Sirians, Pleiadians, dragons and many others. Anyone who is working with the energies of the Lions Gate at this moment.

The painting will be infused with healing, light codes and Source energy to activate what you are ready to receive right now.

💞On top of this you will receive a PERSONAL channeled message!
💞During the creation of this painting each person will receive distant healing.

💥This is an intuitive painting based on the incoming energies of the Lions Gate.
This is available for ALL those who order and is a GROUP painting!

⚡The painting will be sent on 8/8/2020 by email.
⚡The payment is through Transferwise.
⚡This painting will be used for a future oracle deck.

Email me to order the painting of this light being with their powerful activations:

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