Activations of your ancient wisdom

This is a twin flame painting created for a beautiful soul sister that I may share with you.
Enjoy their message for you at this time. Time to remember the mastery of your soul!

“Beloved ones, when two hearts become one there is no more holding back of giving and receiving unconditional love straight from Source.
The union of body, mind and soul is happening within all layers of your being. The merging is occurring faster now and all your experiences are being accelerated so that you can feel the divinity in your humanness.

That which you have found to be impure, damaged, conflicted, not good enough, ugly, weak about your human self is being healed and your vision is changing into seeing yourself through the eyes of your soul. The disconnection that has happened has prevented you from truly seeing how you are Source experiencing itself within your human body. The connection between your soul and your body is being restored and activated so that your cells can remember again who you are as a divine being.

All of you are God’s and Goddesses carrying your own Source codes and frequencies within your physical body. You all chose to bring down specific and unique energy imprints and light codes that can help humanity and Gaia at this time to awaken to their true potential.
Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt and many other ancient civilizations that have been forgotten by the human history are now awakening within your cells. Because of this awakening you will experience a bigger sense of knowing that is attuned to your own ancient wisdom.
Memories of advanced technology, the use of crystals, the use of sound and vocals are now ready activated within your cells. You are masters that have been here from the beginning of time and you hold the power to change the vibration of the world.

Listen to the gentle whispers of your heart for it is speaking to your ancient memory and wisdom. Dare to use your voice, speech, creativity, intuition and all of the skills that you have taken with you in this incarnation. It is there for a purpose and it is there for you to use. Do not be afraid for you are supported and under protection by the guardians of the ancient civilizations. Each of you has a guide from the time that you remembered the true power of your own mastery. Use your power now to truly shine your light and know that you are greatly supported by the whole universe. You have many friends beyond this dimension and it is time to trust the guidance of the light within yourself. We are always with you.
We are the ancient ones.”

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