Lions Gate Promotion

Only 5 spots available: Offer available until 8/1

ALL paintings for €188 (222USD) instead of €300 (355USD)!
(Painting + channeled message)

The season of Leo has begun! August holds many new activations and the light codes from Sirius will be coming through strongly.
What better time than now to connect with your spirit guide team / higher self?

These paintings are infused with unique and specific light codes that will help you to integrate what you are ready to receive at this time.

I will tune into your soul and let the energy and image come through that you need to connect in the now moment.
Each painting is guided by my higher self and by your spirit guide team / soul. The information that comes through is unique for you and on top of that you will receive a channeled message with it!

Choose which painting your soul calls you to receive: a higher self? A spirit guide? A twin flame one? Or would you rather let your soul decide and choose an intuitive one?
Want to know what you can choose from? Look in the pinned post for the description!

This limited offer is only available until 8/1! Don’t wait and book yours before this promotion ends.

Requirement: a picture of yourself where I can see your eyes, your email address, your open mind and heart.

Payment via Transferwise, if not possible via PayPal.
The image will be digitally sent in approximately 30 days.

Send me an email to place your order!

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