Soul unions are happening

Here is Mary Magdalene’s message. To me she always feels very loving and kind but she also tells things as she sees them. And just as Yeshua she has a great sense of humor! Just a little intro in case you haven’t yet connected with her magnificent self.๐Ÿ˜‰

“This is the time to go deeper into your soul. To connect with your essence and to feel the peace that is in your heart. The universe resides within you and this connection is being enhanced every day.

This summer is full with new energies which also means that there are new beginnings headed your way. Old friendships will dissolve and new connections will be established. These connections will be deeper and more aligned to who you are inside.

We applaud you for your hard work and for having the courage to face your fears with love and compassion. Although we know that it has been hard for you to even understand what you are feeling and not knowing where you are headed has given you worries. These worries are unnecessary but they are helping you to trust your process even deeper if you are willing to let them go. Nothing that comes on your path is to make your life more complicated or difficult. It is there to help you release the thoughts that life should have hardships or difficulties.

You all long for freedom, you all long for the long awaited change and it is finally happening. This is a time of celebration because all the work you have been doing is paying off. You are turning and twisting around everything that is old and creating a new way of being. You might feel as you are alone in this but you are truly not.
You can expect many new friends coming your way to support you and to lift you up. You have been doing this work individually until you were ready to unite and walk this path together. This is happening right now. Unions are being formed in more ways than you can imagine. You have been doing significant energetic work behind the scenes and now you are ready to do them physically and together.

The time is here where you will all hold hands and form an unbreakable force of divine union. You have been preparing for this for many years and now you are ready to stand together in union: in mind, in body and in soul.

Do not limit yourself to thinking these unions are only romantic. They will be soul unions on many levels.
Soul connections from all over the world are being guided to find their way back to each other. Be ready to receive these new connections with open arms.

A new dawn has come, a new beginning has arrived.”


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