Intuitive painting process and classes

or for myself. The process of creating a painting is not only healing and activating for the client but it is also very healing for myself. Every time I create I connect with energies that spark a memory within my own soul and I am able to further explore and expand with it. Painting is healing for my soul. It is a way to channel energy and at the same time to further explore my own abilities and open up my heart deeper.

I have been drawing since the age of 3. I have always loved drawing people, faces and eyes in particular. I never questioned the process of drawing and I have always enjoyed it because it has always connected me to something deeper within myself.

Drawing / painting gives me a sense of freedom and expression. It is a way to translate what I am holding within myself that I am not always able to verbally share with others. Painting is a visual aspect that is able to stay present for the rest of this life! It is a gift from the soul expressed through the creative medium of paint.
Life is a blank canvas and we hold the brushes in our hands. It’s time to create. 

Would anyone be interested in classes on how to intuitively draw / paint and connect to higher frequencies like Archangels, ascended masters, aliens, elementals and many more?
There is no skill required to be able to do this and I will share my knowledge on how to create from the heart!
Everyone is able to paint and most of all this is a way to make a deeper connection to your own soul.

Drop a message below if this would be something you are interested in as I am ready to start teaching others on how create their own intuitive soul paintings.


  1. Thank you sincerely for your offer. I have been saving ALL DIFFERENT MATERIALS for painting and drawing for the last 10 years. I have never taken any classes to get going, however, I am sure that you are giving me the perfect opportunity to finally begin. I am sure my saving of so many art materials means I am truly supposed to do something creative for my soul. I am truly interested in moving forward. You are a true blessing, ADONAI


    • You must have saved a lot of materialen by now then. It sounds like you have everything you need to take the first step! I am happy to hear that my offer resonates with you and that you feel called to start being creative and tapping into your intuitive abilities. I am planning on starting this class in October. I will share more on it during the rest of this month. I hope to see you in this class soon.😊

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