New offer: painting of your spiritual avatar

🔥New limited offer:  (watercolor) Painting of your Spiritual Avatar: €222 (USD262)(normal price €300 / USD 354)🔥

⚡Only 4 spots available!⚡

Every soul that decides to be born on earth is born with (super) natural gifts. It is part of human nature to have this connection and it is already there from the moment a soul has descended to be on earth.
Every single one of us has talents, qualities, gifts that come from beyond this dimension. We all hold memories in our cells and subconscious of the past / future and of other realms. When a soul chooses to incarnate on earth it is always with a purpose and it is always with a personal as well as a collective mission. To accomplish what our soul has set out to do we are given (and we have decided ourselves) to remember and use our innate spiritual talents. No person is empty or purposeless. We are all here with our core talents and abilities that we can use to make our life easier. Which will also help us to feel connected and that we are here for a higher purpose. You came with a higher purpose and for this you have come to uncover your potential which includes your spiritual super powers.

Are you wondering what your natural born, spiritual gifts are? Have you been questioning yourself and not seeing your abilities clearly? Do you want to see and know what your strongest gifts are?
Then this painting might be for you!

Let me help you discover your hidden talents by connecting with your soul and painting your spiritual avatar. This painting will be an image of who you are at a soul level with your strongest, spiritual talents.
It will help you to unlock your potential and guide you into the direction of  empowerment, confidence, self-awareness, self-acceptance and it will enhance your connection to your own higher self.
This painting may have light codes, symbols, colors, that are specifically needed for you to ignite your memory and help you to use your gifts in the most beneficial way.

This is the time to remember and awaken to your full potential. Now is the time to stop hiding from your own power and to acknowledge your soul essence for what it is.

Do you want to receive this image of your spiritual avatar to help you discover your super natural gifts?

Order your painting now as it is a limited offer!

Contact me through the contact form for your order or more information

🔥Payment preferably via Transferwise, PayPal is possible too.🔥
🔥Delivery is via e-mail in approximately 30 days🔥

⭐Requirements: a picture of your eyes, your email address and your open heart and mind⭐

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