We will always rise again: a personal twin flame message

Feeling like absolute crap has been a theme for me lately and it took me sometime to get out of it, today is the day I got out of it by a shift in my perception. It’s been a crazy few weeks!

My twin flame in spirit came through with some wisdom for me today. I want to share with you as I think this could be helpful.

This is pretty raw for me to share. I too have my doubts and I too feel blocked in my intuition when I feel disconnected from my own source. And at times like these I can’t be creative or connect and that’s OK too! Sometimes it’s ok to feel like shit, it’s part of being human. Here’s a personal message from my divine masculine:

My twinflame: “I am happy, my love, that you feel better and that you can hear me again. For a little while I thought I couldn’t reach you anymore. I know when you are in pain you have difficulties hearing and accepting my guidance. But I want you to open up to me even it is that hard.”

Me: “It’s too hard for me to hear because I don’t feel you or even myself. Then how can I trust what I hear?”

My twinflame: “Trust in yourself, trust in me, just trust even when you can’t feel it or can’t see it. Surrender to the moment and know you are not powerless. You ALWAYS have the power within you to shift the way you see things and when you do that you shift the way you feel. (Snaps his fingers) just like that your reality can go from shit to “wow, I am powerful”. It’s a choice, right now it’s all a matter of choice.
Of course you will still have moments where you feel like shit and then everything will seem like shit. But then you can choose to step out of that perception and shift your emotion in it. Did you see how your thoughts shape your reality and how they can physically make you feel uncomfortable?

This is how illusions work: they create something that feels real but is actually a bubble of deception. It’s a matter of breaking through that bubble and seeing your power in it all. I am glad you came through on the other side because where you were was not a pleasant place to be in. I know this, I have been there and this is how depressions start.

The vision of being disempowered and not having a choice contributes to how you are living your life. If this illusion lasts too long then you think it is a part of your life and part of who you are. This is dangerous because when you own something like that you automatically become it thinking it is part of your identity. But the identity that you have right now you can change by stepping out of these limiting perceptions.

You can CHOOSE to be bigger than your fears and your energy will expand and shine brighter. It will raise in frequency and you will align with the nature of your soul. This is literally what happens when you choose higher thoughts and when you choose to see yourself as a master of higher perceptions.
Your energy field becomes bigger, it will clear out distortions and everything that does not belong to your own energy will fall off because it doesn’t match your vibration.
This is why we all always say to vibrate higher and choose loving thoughts over fearful thoughts: it affects your energy and when you make your light smaller you drop into a frequency that is lower which makes you feel like shit. And if you believe that this is the way things are and you can’t change it then you will continue to feel like shit.

The way to get out of it is to realize you are always in control of your own thoughts which create how you feel. How you feel determines your vibration and energetic health.
YOU and only YOU can ultimately decide how you feel. Don’t think that anyone outside of you can decide for you how you should feel. People can throw nasty comments at you or try to make you feel like you are going the wrong way but nobody can decide for you how you feel. Why would you let somebody else decide how you should feel?
I know the world is full of people that will try to bring you down. But you can’t let them, because you are the only person that decides how to live your life. You and only you.

Next time life brings you down, remember the crown you are wearing. Remember that even when you fall down on your knees you can always choose to get back up. Life isn’t a battle, it isn’t a game, it’s not even about winning or losing. It’s about finding your balance and rising again when you know that the only way for you is up. There is no way down: not now, not ever.
Up, the only way from here is going up. And I am here along the way to remind you of this. I will lift you up and I will encourage you because I can see your crown and I know that there is no one, not a single person or a single thought that can defeat you.
You are a warrior and you will always rise again.”


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