Equinox offer: Twin Flame Love Letter

Equinox offer: A channeled love letter from your twin flame: $65 (€55) until 9/25*

I have been inspired to make a new limited offer:
Receive a channeled love letter from your divine masculine / feminine.

Who is it for?
❤For anyone who wants to connect with their divine counterpart and hear their words of love.
⚡This won’t hold any predictions or share anything about meeting in the physical.
☀️The purpose is to re-connect you to your own divine counterpart so that you can feel their love and with that receive healing or anything else that you need.

The letter will be as long as the message needs to be: I will continue as long as it flows.

Are you interested in receiving a channeled message from your divine counterpart?

There are only 3 spots available and this is a limited offer: until 09/25.

⚡Payment is via Transferwise / Paypal
⚡Delivery via email in approximately 10 days.

Requirement: a picture of your eyes and open mind and heart.

Message me to order your love letter!

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