Remember the song of your heart.

This is a higher self painting created for a beautiful soul that I may share with you.
The angelic frequencies are here on earth right now and they are guiding us back to our soul. We walk on earth but we belong in heaven. 💖

Are you aware of your angelic self? Have you seen / felt your own wings? Are you aware of your own light and how BIG your soul is? How much of your true self do you really see?

The song is from my amazing soul sister Mei-lan Maurits, make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel for more angelic music:

Enjoy this channeled message!

“Your soul resides in higher realms and in frequencies that rise above duality. There are no limitations of the mind and there are no boundaries in what you are able to create. Your soul is a frequency that is radiant and that shines brighter than your human eyes can possibly perceive.

The reality on the other side is very different than your experience on earth because there are no boundaries as to what your experiences can be. Your vision is not clouded by the physical perception of what is good or wrong when you are residing in the higher frequencies. Your vision is that of many realities existing all at once. You are able to see it ALL.
There is no evil vs light within the realm of unconditional love and therefore there is no doubt of the light that one simply exists of. You are all lights that have descended into the realm of the physical experience to remember that the frequency your soul radiates is unconditional love. The duality you are experiencing within the physical reality is a play of of your mind to help you achieve a sense of belonging. To belong either to the left or to the right, to either be the light or to be the dark, to either act good or to act bad. But you all have a deep craving to have a sense of belonging, acceptance and above all: you long to be loved deeply.
You all long to be nurtured and you are looking for a way to come home. Your own soul radiates and exists of pure and unconditional love: this is what you are longing to truly connect with and to feel within your heart.
You don’t need to walk far, your road does not need to be hard and you don’t need to struggle to find love in this world.

As you walk yourself home into the remembrance of your limitless and divine self you will guide others to do the same. While you are walking into divine remembrance others are walking with you.

You are awakening to your own divine truth of the exceptional, bright light that you are. Many of you are starting to become aware you are incarnated angels that carry the pure light within your physical body. Upon remembering your angelic self you are spreading your wings to shine this magnificent light even brighter.
Do not be afraid of your own force of light, do not be scared that you cannot handle it and do not keep yourself small because it will make feel others uncomfortable.
Look around you, truly look around you and realize that angels are amongst you. You are awakening to your full potential and this means more of this angelic awareness will be born into the human awareness. Humanity is rising, humanity is freeing themselves from purely the physical experience and seeing the truth of their own divine soul.

Now remember the angel that you are, remember the song of your heart and let it sing the frequency that will bring you back home.”

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