How to channel and use your intuition

⚡How to channel and use your natural born abilities and intuition.⚡

I felt guided to make this video about channeling and sharing my experience with it.

I have noticed many people want to learn how to channel but don’t know how to do it or simply don’t believe they can do it.

My services are all about empowering others to walk their own path in faith and confidence. My personal mission is to help people see their true self and to become aware that everything is to be found within.
Everything starts with having trust in yourself and from that moment all doors will be opened. It is from that time you will be able to channel your true and authentic self.
Trust in yourself and trust in Source are the key to your connection because they are the same thing.

Enjoy this video! 

Please share your thoughts / struggles / experiences with using your intuition. In what way would you like to channel and are you already channeling? In what way are you connecting to your true self?

I would love to hear your stories!

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