Energy shift: integrating all aspects of ourselves to clear separation from within

I haven’t been able to post much for the past week due to the emotions that have surfaced from deep within to be seen. A lot is coming up for us to be released and to help the collective with the transformation from living from fear to living from the heart.

I do have to admit that this is a wild trip at times which can be so painful, yet my soul has chosen to bring things to light through my own consciousness and body which then contributes to the clearing and healing of the collective human consciousness. This is how we all work together and how we are healing pieces of the core wounds of humankind that ultimately help the vibration of the whole collective to rise.

The roles of the inner mother, father, child are being cleared, transformed and united into one consciousness so that there is no seperation inside.
We are not solely one or the other: we are ALL aspects of the human experience. (The bad, the good, the evil, the innocent and so on).
It is by uniting them all and merging them together that we can accomplish feeling wholesome and complete.
While we are doing this merging of all of our aspects we simultaneously release the old beliefs systems and stories of the past.
It is an integration and release at the same time and this is why it feels so heavy with moments.

What you chose to transmute is unique to you because you have chosen as a soul to walk this path to help the collective heal and rise above fear. We are all pieces to a puzzle helping each other on this way to clear the seperation from within and to unite as brothers and sisters like we have originally were created.

Humanity and human consciousness is meant to work as one. This is its natural state of being and at this time we are returning to the original blueprint of humankind. So let’s work together and realize that we are not alone, we are together and we by far exceed the experience of seperation that we see in the world.

You and I are doing this together, don’t forget we are with millions here. It’s just a matter of time before we come aware of this. ❤

This post wasn’t meant to be so long and initially I just wanted to post this meme. But once the writing starts I have a hard time stopping to flow. The cat in the meme has been me many times. 😂

Want to share your story? Feel free to comment below and share your experiences. 😊

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