Love is always there

This elven couple came through to help and spark the memory of unconditional love for those that are looking for a deeper connection. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship this means: unconditional love isn’t bound to a label or any expectation.

With this image they come through for the connection that we all feel at a soul level and to which deep within we all want to experience in our current reality.
They represent the divine union between the masculine and feminine in the elven aspect.

This is their message, the elf male is speaking:

“Hello everyone, we are happy to come through and speak to you like this.
It is true what Dana has said: divine union and unconditional love don’t have labels or expectations. It doesn’t require anything to be and it doesn’t expect anything at all.
Deep within you already know what this union is because you are already united in your other multidimensional aspects.

This love that you are searching to feel and to experience in your life exists in so many layers and dimensions that all you need to do is to recall it.
Love is a feeling, it is something that is inherently yours. It is not something that you have to go and look for or wait for it to come to you: it is already right here. (Taps on his heart)
One of the missions of souls like you have on earth at this time is to experience love. It is something that every soul is looking for and it is something that every person is able to feel.
Stand still for a moment and put your hand on your heart. Feel the energy flowing from your hand to your heart. This is your connection to divine and unconditional love. If you allow it it will always flow to your heart. Do not go looking for it outside of yourself or in others. Connect with this feeling within you. Ask for your elven aspect to help you recall it.

We are all here to help you remember that the love you are looking for is already within. It isn’t a search because it isn’t lost. It is simply a memory that you need to bring back into the present moment.
You have got help by your side to bring in these memories. There are many of your friends and your own multidimensional aspects wanting to help you with it. These memories are not lost, they are also not in the past: they are in the present moment. You have many happy, fulfilled, complete and wholesome memories within you that are waiting to be remembered from countless other lifetimes that you are currently experiencing at the same time as this life. Start feeling them again, bring them to your awareness. Create new experiences in the knowingness that happiness is something that you already have created so many times for yourself.

Whenever you forget again why you are here and when you feel unloved: put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath in. Keep reminding yourself that love is a creation you have experienced an unlimited amount of times and that this is not a new feeling. It is something you know and it is something that you embody with ease.

We are with you, my friends. This is not the time to give up on love but a time to start remembering what you already know in your heart: love knows no boundaries, you will experience it when you believe in it.”

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