You are the ground crew who is changing the world

Hey everyone! I made this sketch because I felt it calling to me. She has elven ears yet she is not completely elven.
This starbeing is currently on a starship overseeing earth. She is Lyran but she is a mix of different races. I see the blue elves in her as well.
She is gathering information from earth and at the same time activating the memory of starseeds so that they can bring in more light to the world.
She is working with these starseeds who chose to incarnate on earth to help Gaia and humanity.

She is tall, has a regal presence, a strong sexual divine feminine energy, very wise and is several hundreds years old.

She might look familiar to you, maybe you resonate with her energy or there is something that pulls you to her. This is how you know that there is a message for you and that perhaps there is deeper connection with her.
She works with starseeds during dreamtime and helps them with their mission.

Here is her message:

“Greetings everyone, when deciding to come to earth you have chosen a team to work with you during your trip. This team has been chosen carefully and making sure that you are covered in all areas that you came to work on. This is why many of you have different spirit guides that come from different dimensions and work with you throughout your life. You carry these specific traits within your personality that are not of this earth and this is why you may feel like you are strange and do not fit in this world.
You are not meant to fit into the chaos that you see around you. You are meant to bring in the knowledge of your otherworldly, experienced soul into this existence.

There is an order where you come from: beings that coexist, nature that is in balance, technology that is connected to the heart, peace, harmony and love that is part the collective consciousness. You have chosen to be part of the ground crew and you are a bridge to the planets that you call your home.
Many people feel out of place on earth due to all what has happened in human history and the density that is on earth. People do not remember the feeling of home but people like you have come to change that. The shift in consciousness is happening as you are gaining back your memory and moving out of the amnesia that you were born with.

Information is given to you through different channels and many are waking up to their natural given talents: some of you are teachers, healers, artists, musicians, story tellers, doctors, experts in technology, communicators …
You have brought your skills from your home planets with you to change the old traditional ways that are no longer working here on earth. You came to bring change and this all starts with remembering who you are as your multidimensional self. You are not so different than who you are in your aspect from other planets. Much of who you are remains the same: it is only your awareness that is different.

The shift in consciousness is occurring whether you see this or not. Not all is revealed to you in your world because change is not something all want to accept so easily. Nonetheless change is occurring and you are getting all the help you need to take the steps and follow your heart.

You are the ones that are changing the world one step at a time. Be proud of yourself and the work that you are doing because we all are. You didn’t choose an easy job but you chose it knowing that you can do it.

We walk with you, hand in hand and in union as we have always done before.”

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