Focus on now, focus on YOU.

Hey all! Sharing some thoughts and feeling with you all.

Sometimes life is hard and it is sometimes hard to connect with others. It is often difficult to stay present and focus on what we feel really matters. There are so many distractions, so many thoughts and opinions. On top of that we have a bunch of emotions that are running through our system that often times are hard to define and are so overwhelming.

I have recently felt so much pain from the past but also inherited pains from my parents and grandparents. My heart has been feeling blocked and there has been numbness inside. The inability to feel love makes me feel like I have no purpose.
In my mind I know that the only thing that makes me feel like this are old beliefs but in my body they feel like a reality there is no escaping from. And so I continue to practice compassion, patience, understanding, appreciation and I continue to create art. I continue to do all the things that I know are good for me even if my old beliefs do not allow me to truly feel it.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to trust myself and trust my spirit guides that they are on it. Though this is hard, I have to honestly admit. Sometimes it is just simply hard for me and I know for many of you it is the same way. I want to be open and transparent because sharing is healing for me and somehow I hope what I share helps you too.

I channeled this message and it was exactly what I needed to hear. If you are struggling then know that you are never alone. You are loved: I love you!

Here is the message:

“The pain, the discomfort, the emotions that are not under control and seem familiar yet they also do not feel like they are a part of you are making their way out of your body. In order for them to leave they have to be seen and acknowledged for exactly what they are. Yet you do not have to get frustrated with yourself for not doing enough or doing something wrong. You are not doing anything wrong at all. You are very loved through it all. You are not rejected, you are seen. You are seen by all. The hard work that you are doing IS hard. We acknowledge that and we see that. We thank you for doing it because there is nobody else but you who can do this. And you are doing wonderful. We are so proud of you and we want you to be proud of yourself too. You are doing the hard work not only for yourself but you are doing the hard work for all others. There are not that many out there like you.. those that feel deep, that think deep, that see deep. Those that will move mountains for healing and love to come through. You have an immense heart hidden beneath the layers of what you feel is like torture to you. And again I say: we see you, we feel you and we acknowledge you. All that you do is noticed and all of it is appreciated and loved. Appreciation does not even capture the word that we feel. It is bigger than that, much bigger.

Do not worry about the outcome, do not focus on what is in the future. Focus on NOW, focus on YOU. Focus on US for we are your greatest cheerleaders. We are your team and we stand by your side. You are not alone, not ever. Remember that. I am you and you are me and so it shall be.”

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