Has 2016 been a rough year for you so far? Have you gone through changes and does it seem like your life is upside down?

Don’t worry: this year is all about changes. We are being shaken up and stirred like a good James Bond cocktail.

For too long we have learned to obey the rules of society, to follow the protocol that is supposed to be good for us. We have been taught that it is wrong to follow our heart if it isn’t in line with what everyone around us tells us. And up to this point it has been easier and more convenient to follow their rules than to make the necessary changes that would lead us to true happiness.

We have been denying ourselves for too long: trying our best to fit into the tiny box that we have been given. But this year we are forced to release old patterns, situations, people, work, environment that no longer work for us. We are being asked by the universe to open our eyes and to start seeing the truth. Not only in other people, but in ourselves. Because we have known the truth all along, we have just forgotten it. We fell asleep and we couldn’t find the courage to wake up and to remember how powerful we really are.
It’s scary, it is even downright frightening to go through a storm of all these emotions and all these changes which we seem to have no control over. It’s like somebody gave a push and said: let’s see how they’ll handle the storm!

But what if I tell you that this doesn’t have to be scary at all? Just take out your surfboard and ride that wave! Go where the flow leads you and if you feel like you’re falling of your board then just hold on tighter and have faith that your destination to happiness has already been set. Nothing can go wrong because the universe has your back and it’s working with you every step of the way. You ARE taken care of, you ARE provided for and you ARE loved beyond measure.

And if you take a moment to stop in the middle of this storm and are able see the purple rain falling down on you: you know you’ve got angels by your side.. ❤


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