Soul Symbols / Soul codes

Soul Symbols / Star codes: €44 (15cm x 15 cm)

This is a limited offer for those that are ready to receive a symbol / light code channeled especially for them.

These light codes / light language will have the frequency of the higher realms with a lot of healing energies. Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcturian, angelic, Lemurian, Atlantean and many other light beings will come through to give their specific code / image for you.

As you have seen I have channeled so many recently and all of them have come through with some amazing energies.

These symbols / images will be created on black paper with a golden and white colors. They will only be sent by e-mail.
There will be no channeled message in words, just the image which is for you to tune to and connect to.

How do you connect with the image you receive?
Go from your mind to your heart space and set the intention to receive what is for your highest good. Let the magic do its work and trust that the healing / clearing /activating is happening!

Are you ready to see what comes through for you? Contact me and I will reply.

Payment is through Transferwise or PayPal.

You will receive your symbol digitally within 3 days. The symbols are only sent by e-mail.

Soul codes / light language symbol