Divine Soul Sessions

Divine Soul Sessions with Anisha Ana and Dana: now for €222.
🔥Live via Skype (+/- 1 hour or how long Source decides)

✨These sessions are guided by Source and your divine masculine and feminine self.

✨What is a Divine Soul Session?
This a powerful healing session that is focused on what you are currently experiencing on an energetic and physical level.
By tuning into your energy we will see what needs to be healed and cleared by doing an scan of your body in several energetic layers.
Activations, clearing of attachments, DNA healing, chakra clearing, cord cutting, clearing of blockages, healing of past lives and ancestral karma, helping you to connect deeper to your heart and integrate more of your higher self and divine masculine / feminine by healing old trauma’s and wounds.
Channeling of Angelic energy, Star energy and other galactic energies.
Insights on your current relationships and advice from your spirit guides on how to continue.

✨What will be the result?
You will feel peaceful and you will gain clarity in your emotions and current experiences in life.
You will feel more grounded and present.
You will gain awareness in the hidden parts within yourself.
You will free from situations you felt blocked or stuck in.
You will feel lighter and clear.
You will be able to be open and flow better.
Clarity on questions you have been having for a long time.

✨Who are we?
Anisha Ana is a hypnotherapist, shamanic healer, psychic medium empowerment coach and quantum healer.
Dana is an clear channel of Source, a spiritual medium, an intuitive artist, an empowerment coach and a soul healer.
Together we share a deep soul connection that goes beyond the current experiences on earth. When working together we merge our energies to bring down specific light codes so that you can receive a transformative download. This will allow you to expand and integrate your highest self. We work with the divine feminine and masculine energies to heal and to awaken the memory of your divine power.

✨Why work with us?
We work with the divine masculine and feminine energies to bring balance within.
When you work with both of us hold a large energy field where we receive a very powerful download and information from Source. The healing and activations are twice as powerful.
We both receive divine information through our own channel and we transmit high vibrational energy in an effective way so that you can receive the healing that is needed.
We bring down cosmic energies so that they can be downloaded and grounded into your energetic field and physical body.
These sessions take three months to be fully integrated in your physical body.

❗Our time-zone is CET.
Do you want to book a session? Connect with us through the contact form below!

❗Payments are through PayPal or Transferwise.

Divine Soul Session