Services: Intuitive portraits

Would you like to order your personal soul portrait? Please connect with me by using the contact form below!

  • Price for all Paintings are €300.
  • Higher Self painting+ channeled message
  • Spirit Guide painting + channeled message
  • Twinflame painting + channeled message
  • Intuitive painting: let Spirit decide for you + channeled message
  • Soul Activation painting+ channeled message
  • Past life aspect painting + channeled message
  • Dark Aspect painting + channeled message

All of the paintings will connect you to Source by helping you to see and feel who is there for you in this time so you can become aware of the power that you have within yourself. The beings that show themselves will guide you in the area of your life that that you need the most assistance with.

Each painting is infused with healing energy and has codes that activate parts of you that are ready to come through. Every painting contains high vibrational energy that will help to unlock more of your true essence.
It will be a connection to the higher realm and most importantly: it will help you to go deeper within yourself so you can strengthen and ground your own pure essence into your body.

The channeled message that you will receive with the painting isn’t only guidance but it has an important energetic influence that is specifically meant for you which will help you to shift your vibration into a higher frequency so that healing can occur.

The drawings are made with watercolors and the size is size: 24cm x32cm.
They will be sent by e-mail in approximately 30 days. It is possible to send it by mail for extra costs. Payment is through PayPal or Transferwise. All sales are final.

**Higher Self: How does your higher self look like? This will be a reflection of the divine being that you are. This is your own soul portrait and it will help you to connect to your higher aspect and to embody your own higher frequency. It will help you to integrate your own unique soul essence and light codes. It will activate the remembering of your true self. You will receive a personal channeled message with the painting.

** Spirit Guides: Which spirit guide is there for you to help you with on your path? This can be a new guide or one that is already part of your spirit guide team. Your spirit guide team will decide who you need at this time and what they can help you with. Every spirit guide has a specific energetic code that will be transferred on to you from the moment you connect with them through the painting. You will not only receive guidance through their message but you will benefit from their energy with what you are currently needing help with. You will receive a personal channeled message with the painting.

**Twin flame: As twin flames you have your own unique energy signature and specific frequency. This energy will be transferred on to you through the drawing and it will help you to energetically connect to your other half.
While creating the painting the necessary clearing and healing of karmic energy between you will occur. Every painting is has specific codes and symbols that act as an activation for you.
The purpose of a twin flame drawing is to connect you to the Sacred Union within yourself so that you will be able to clear any blockages so you can fully step into unconditional (self) love. It is to bring balance within yourself between your masculine and feminine energy.
Although this can help you to come closer to a physical union the main goal is to energetically connect you to your twin flame and help you to clear any blockages that are standing in your way to fully love yourself. You will receive a personal channeled message with the painting.

**Intuitive painting, let Spirit decide for you: You don’t know who you would like to connect with but you do feel a pulled to get a drawing? Then this is for you! I will intuitively connect with your energy and see what comes forward for you that you need the most. This can be anything of what I have to offer and will be attuned to your needs in this moment.
You will receive a personal channeled message with the painting.

**Soul Activation painting: This will be a drawing made on black paper with colors and light language, light codes and symbols that will activate and trigger a remembrance of your soul essence on a subconscious level. Information will be downloaded to you so that you can ground your higher self more into your body. This is a powerful activation of the divine Self that will bring you more awareness of your multidimensional nature and will help you to come into your true power.
You will receive a personal channeled message with the painting.

**Past life aspect painting: Would you like to know which aspect you have that wants to show themselves to you to help you at this time? This will help you to integrate the energy and the essence of this being and receive the necessary information for you in this time. This painting will be a remembrance on a soul level and will awaken dormant information within you so that you can unlock your true potential.
You will receive a personal channeled message with the painting.

**Dark aspect painting: Which aspect of yourself can assist you with healing, clearing and integrating of your own shadow energy? Just as light every soul has a shadow aspect that can help with bringing balance into your own energy. This dark aspect of yourself will further help you to heal and move through any obstacles that you have a have so that you can feel whole.
You will receive a personal channeled message with this painting.