Advice about fear

Lately I have been dealing with fears that have been coming up. They are overwhelming and they are telling me that letting go of control and trusting aren’t the right way to handle things in my life. This has caused me to feel anxiety and insecurity. It’s keeping me in one place and it doesn’t allow me to move forward no matter how hard I want things to change and to get better. I’ve gotten some advice from my guides about this that I feel will help others. Here it is:

“Overcoming fear is a constant battle if you aren’t willing to surrender your will to the universe. You can release it and in an instant gain back the fear if you don’t fully trust. This is ok. Don’t worry about wanting to win this fight because it will only cause more resistance and more pain. Up until the point it’s felt physically. It’s when you realize you are fighting an illusion, something that isn’t real and that doesn’t exist you can truly win. You are battling against something that isn’t there and never was. You can see it and feel it because you make it real. You give it life by feeding it with your thoughts. Eliminate your thoughts, push them aside, tell them they aren’t real and you choose love. This is how the fear won’t have a voice or control over you. Don’t believe for a second what it’s telling you or making you feel: it’s not real. And treat it like that. It will have no chance but to go and peace will be allowed to flow through your body.”


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