The ego – a channeled message for perfectionists

Many of us who are looking for the truth and for the bigger meaning in life are often going great lengths to find it. We sometimes get caught up in perfecting ourselves and in becoming better for whatever purpose: for yourself, for your family, for your children or for your partner. But there is such a thing as trying to do too much and in the meantime missing the point of it all. Today I had a talk with my higher self about this and she explained to me what it is really all about. I hope this message helps you to find balance within yourself and to accept yourself as you are.

“You are not your ego, but the ego is a part of you. It’s a part of the human you. Without your ego you would not be able to function in a 3D world. It is teaching you how to see beyond your limitations. It is pushing you to challenge yourself more. It’s testing your boundries so that you learn there are NO boundries. You are only as free as you choose to be. Could you imagine being ego free? Could you imagine to walk the earth with no ego? What would you learn without the ego? What experience would you have without it? You would be perfection, but you didn’t come here to experience perfection. You came to master yourself and your own feelings. You did not come to overcome the ego, you came to accept the ego, to embrace it. To embrace the human side of you. It is not only important to know that you are divine and that you are a perfect being of Light but it is also important to know that you are human and that you are perfect with your “flaws”. You came to experience these “flaws” as a part of your pure being in the human experience. So it is important to love your ego, to love your flaws and your shortcomings because it is then when you will be able to transcend them. You will not BE your ego, but you will accept the fact that it is there and it will always be in your human life. So this is why it is important to accept and to love yourself fully with all your shortcomings and imperfections. Because it is that what makes you unique, one of a kind, a master of your own. Love yourself completely and wholeheartedly and choose yourself over the misconception of the ego.”

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