A channeled message from a Pegasus named Haneya

“When you loose courage and when you find it hard to motivate yourself to continue I can help you to find the strength and the wisdom within yourself to carry on. Being human isn’t an easy task, I know. We have been watching humans since beginning of time and we have been of service of them behind the veil. There is a whole new adventure waiting for humanity that is soon to be revealed. Every magical creature is there to support you and to give you strength. As you have noticed we are all coming forward in this time because we all want you to know how loved that you are even when you do not feel love for yourself. More of our kind will show ourselves to you. All of you have at least one magical being next to you supporting you and cheering you on. Nobody comes into this world lacking anything. Everything is available to you. And with our help we want to help you feel this. The world is in a state of confusion so people need to hold on to hope and that there will be improvement of the times ahead. And there is hope. Everything is changing for the better, even when it doesn’t seem to be. Trust Gaia and your inner knowing that there is more to the chaos than it appears. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the fear that is spread amongst you to divide your spirit. You are a unity, a very powerful one. I am here to bring that force and strength out in you so that you can overcome any fear that you have. “

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