A channeled message from the Egyptian high priestess Amaya

“Dear humanity. All of you are deeply loved since the beginning of time. You cannot remember this but none of you is a new or a young soul. You all hold the ancient divinity within your heart. You think you are inexperienced and that you do not know what you are doing here and therefore you have a sense of loss and longing for home even when you don’t know where home is. That home is in your hearts, the universe is in your hearts and that is where your home truly is. As priestesses of the old Egyptian times we knew this and we knew how sacred our bodies and life was on earth. We didn’t take it for granted for being here because experience on earth is as nowhere else in this universe. Every life on earth is precious and has a significant reason for existing and being here. You, each one of you, is an important part of being here in this world right now. You might not know the reason why but I wil tell you: because you are all special and unique souls that are contributing more than you could ever think here on earth. Each of you hold codes and activations in your body and soul for the new earth. I can help you to activate these codes within you as this is what we have done since the beginning times. That which is dormant can be awakened. I wish to work with you and contribute to the peace on earth. I love you deeply and with all my heart.”

If you want your own spirit guide drawing with a personal message then message me and visit my page: https://www.facebook.com/intuitivesoulpaintings/

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