A channeled message from Archangel Michael about fear and his protection

“My message today is one I bring with love for all who read this. I want to talk about fear and how it has the ability to either paralyze you or to help you push you beyond your limits and out of your comfortzone.
When you recognize your fear as a trigger and not as something that is there to stop you, you can move beyond the thought of being trapped and stuck. You will not experience a hollow and empty feeling because this is what fear does when you let it overpower your emotions. Instead you have to take charge of your emotions and set right through the fear. See it like a wall of illusion: it looks like it is a brick wall but it is actually made out of candy. You just step through it, then it falls apart and then you get a treat instead. Because when you decide to be brave and go on despite the fear you always get rewarded. Your heart opens even more and that way you allow yourself to receive more of what the Universe has to offer you.
Do not see fear as a part of who you are as an individual. Fear has been a part of humanity for a very long time so it has become a part of the human programming. It is negative programming that has been in your cells for centuries and it has been carried from generation to generation. You are the generation to bring change in this, you are being reprogrammed into seeing and experiencing your true nature and the change of DNA has been happening for some time now.
So when fear comes up know that this is something that you as a collective conciousness carry and that every time you feel a certain fear you are tapping into the fear of the collective conciousness. You can experience anxiety, anger, sadness and any other emotion that makes you feel small and that has been developed to keep you asleep and to keep you in a state of the mind of a slave. But in reality you are all leaders and when the time comes you will remember that leaders don’t follow fear but their heart.
You are now clearing fear in a powerful way and this brings forth more anxiety and more fear. This will come up strong for many of you but I am encouraging you to keep going further despite your fears and to not give up because in your weakest moments I have you under my protection. I have you under my wings so that nothing can touch you. You are all highly protected because your mission on earth is to be an example of unconditional love. I will clear the way for you to free yourself from your fears. I am Michael and you are under my protection.”

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