Unicorn Aleyah about purity of the heart

”I come to all of you with love in my heart. We see what humanity is going through at this moment and we find their hearts courageous and brave to be a part of the ascension of earth. Those souls who have chosen to be here in these times are the souls who chose to experience (self) love through the density and the heaviness of the earthy polarity. And I cannot say enough how deeply we respect and cherish this bravery of mankind for it has not always been this way on earth.

We gladly help all of you to raise your vibration into that one of purity and innocence. For those who have forgotten their true frequency and who they really are inside we offer the help to heal their hearts for our power is one of pure unconditional magical love.

Humans have forgotten what love truly feels like for it has been overshadowed by darkness for many centuries. Your struggles are embedded in your bodies as if it is a part of who you are and yet it is not. The unicorn essence is focused on the frequency of the heart. We can touch your hearts and we can lift the energy that is standing in the way, we are clearing all of your hearts and working to bring in this purity into the collective consciousness.. dragons, fairies, mermaids, all of us are here to change the frequency to that which matches your soul essence. This is why many of you receive codes, messages, visions and signs of your friends from other dimensions. And when you pay close attention you will notice that signs are all around you. When you open your heart you will open your eyes to the secrets that lie within yourself and the veil will become thinner and thinner.

We are here to open your heart to the essence of who you really are. I am Aleyah and I love you.”

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