My guides on despair and what your mission is about

I noticed that I sometimes fall into the feeling of despair and loss. Like that what I have in life isn’t enough to be happy, like there is more and I can’t grasp it.. i am supposed to do something bigger and better to help the world. But I guess it’s human nature to want more or better. Where does this really come from and how do we get past this feeling?

This is the answer of my spirit guides:

“Wanting more or feeling the need to be better is what is giving you the feeling of despair and hopelessness. You have been raised in a society which is based on results and which rewards you when you have accomplished a certain task as if it is only then that you are good enough.

So this created a beliefsystem in you that in order to be happy you need to achieve a certain goal. Now this is also a fear based program that you have installed in you like it has been installed on a computer. It is like a virus that is preventing you from moving further in your life. This beliefsystem is the same one that is making you convinced that you need approval from others for being good enough or doing the right thing according to society norms. And this is what has been coming up for a lot of people who are dealing with the ascension symptoms, as you call them.

The feeling of despair and feeling hopelessness and not even wanting to be here anymore because you can’t seem to achief that what you came here to do.. you keep searching for that big mission that you are supposed to do here: you are part of the people that came to save the world and rescue others. You came here with a goal and now you can’t find what that goal is. Does this sound familiar to you? Not being able to find out what your mission is and what it is that you are supposed to do? When you feel like this you should take it as a sign that you need to go within and you need to start looking at the things that make you happy because this is where your hope lies. Hope lies in the things that make you feel joyus. And yes you can make money and earn a living with that! You have been made to believe that you need diploma’s and all other kinds of proof to show that you are worth doing any kind of job. Your happiness does not lie in this. What you are looking for is already in you.

First discover what makes your heart light up and then continue making steps towards this. Whether it is baking cookies or singing and dancing. Every possibility is available to you and all you have to do is to believe that you can do anything you want.

We encourage you all to find your passions and then to start believing in yourself that you are allowed to follow this passion without having a goal other than being happy. You see: there is no other goal for you to be here than to be YOU, to be the fully happy YOU. That is all that we require from you.

So be ready for the change in your life and be ready to follow your own path. You have got all of our encouragement. Follow your passion and watch the despair vanish from your hearts.”

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