Jeshua on the divine masculine and Sacred Union

Just as Mary Magdalene had a message for us  Jeshua wants to speak too.. ❤

‘My dear beloved family. All through time I have been a constant presence in your lives. My message is that one of compassion and of hope. I would like to speak to you about Sacred Union from the perspective of the divine masculine.

The divine masculine holds space for the divine feminine in his heart. The task of the divine masculine is to that one of a force of unconditional love and being a protective energy for the divine feminine. As the divine feminine is the creator and divine masculine energy is there to support and to be the complete and whole other half of the divine feminine. It was not only the divine feminine that was made to forget who she was it was also the divine masculine that forgot who they were. When the power of greed and the mind took over all of the masculine senses they became disconnected from Source and therefore were not able to access their hearts for a very long time. The masculine acted from the mind and started to follow their physical senses instead of the connection they used to have with Source. In time there were systems created from the place of the mind and ones that used others to gain money or pleasure in the lower frequencies.. men completely forgot their true heritage and acted from a place of deep sleep towards women and towards their own divinity.

As I said my message is one of compassion and hope and I hold love for all of you in my heart.

 The divine masculine is now awakening again, but because they have been asleep for so long it is hard for them to be connected to their emotions as women are.  They do not know how to express themselves as they have not been allowed to speak from a place of softness and tenderness, they were taught throughout many centuries to be brave, to not show any ‘weak’ emotions and to reject anything that comes too close to their hearts. They have always had to put up a shield to protect themselves from any harm. Unfortunately this protection was from the softness and caring energy of women.  But now that the divine feminine is rising and standing in their hearts and is allowing herself to not be afraid anymore of who she is the divine masculine is rising from her strength. He looks up to her power and he admires her for her courage to speak up which allows the divine masculine to accept his own emotions and to love himself deeper and to rise himself in his own true power.

The divine masculine deeply regrets his actions towards the divine feminine and that he allowed himself to be misled. He is honorably waiting for the divine feminine to be ready before he can come close to her again and show her who he really is. The divine masculine is supporting the divine feminine in her truth and he will reinforce her and hold her in his arms as she rises again so that he too can be who he really is: a true warrior of unconditional love. ”

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