Mary Magdalene on Sacred Sexuality and the feminine inner power

Mary Magdalene (and Jeshua) is working with the divine feminine and divine masculine to bring back balance in their energies. She is speaking for the divine feminine but also wants the divine masculine to come in their true power and remember their own sacredness so that unity of a man and a woman can be one of unconditional love again. I hope you enjoy this message and that you can feel the loving power in it!
“I want to talk about Sexuality with you. And the reason I write it with a capital letter is because Sexuality isn’t what it has been over so many centuries. It all began in the beginning of creation of mankind where Sexuality was used as a Divine tool for Source to create and to use the most powerful force ever: Love. Many priestesses had the gift of embodying this pure energy and use this to open up a channel of Light for all mankind.
This is how they got sacred information and how they used this Wisdom to pass on to others. It was their divine mission to use their bodies as a vessel for sacred information to come through to create from a power of Love. Women were and still are the creators of life. It was such a precious gift to be born as a woman because it meant they could embody the power of love and to pass it on through their bodies.. like I said before: they are a pure channel of Source creation.
In time men saw this power as something that they could use and they became jealous and the love they had for the divine feminine power became corrupted.. instead of protecting it they decided to overpower it. Slowly the sacred divine priestesses disappeared because of this and women were made to believe they were worth nothing less than a homeless animal that needed the so called protection of the corrupted masculine energy.
Women were made to forget their true power. They went from their throne to be put in the mud and were made to believe that men were their protectors from going even deeper in the mud. They forgot about the divine masculine because the divine masculine forgot their true role: to be the protector of the divine feminine. When the divine masculine chose the corrupted path of greed and jealousy he forgot who he truly was and forced the feminine to be diminished into a shadow of who she really is.
This has been going for so long that this corrupt energy is still in the collective energy.. as well in the feminine as in the masculine. For centuries women had no voice and were used to reproduce and to serve and be enslaved as if they were worth nothing.. as a woman you will feel this mostly in your solar plexus, throat chakra, sacral chakra and your root chakra. You will feel pain there that comes from your ancestral lines. But the feminine never lost is her connection to Source.
Many men claimed to have the connection but women are the ones who truly always had it. But they had to hide it and men used the feminine wisdom for centuries as their own.. but women have never really lost their power at all, they were just made to believe so. They were convinced they needed to act like sheep and so they pretended to be just that. They pretended to do it so good that they started to believe it themselves!
Now I am here with the divine feminine collective of Goddesses and Priestesses that wish for all of you to remember your true power, your true heritage, where you really come from and who you really are. We joined forces because we are all ONE. You will see many of us in your messages calling out to the collective because to us you are all equally powerful beings of Source. Women have the power to change the world, it has always been in the hands of a woman to create and to manifest. Men will follow women as they have done before because they will see that light again, they will remember their role of protector again and they will offer their unconditional love again once the women remember that the power of LOVE is in her heart and that she is strong and can overcome false beliefs. To all the women my message is: BELIEVE in yourself again and in the power of the lion within your beings. Stand up, rise up and claim your inner power so that there will be equality between men and women. Push men into their hearts by standing in your truth. You are no less than a man and you have never been. I love you all deeply and I hold whole of humanity in my embrace. I am Mary Magdalene.”


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