Feeling stuck and blocked. Finding freedom in your life… advice from my angel.

I have been sensing a lot of stuck energy and frustration from many people that seem not to be able to move forward and don’t know what to do with their lives. They want to do something to change and to become happy but they just can’t find the way to feeling that kind of freedom.. I asked my spirit guide (and angel) to help us with it.

Me: Can you explain to me what  we need to do to get out of the stuck and blocked feeling?

“Yes, I would like to talk about freedom with you today and that many people are looking for this in their life and many of you feel stuck and don’t know a way out of your situation of out of your mind that is filled with worries and how to make it through the day.. you are trying to survive rather than live your truth. 
Many are afraid to follow their heart, it’s come to the point that many don’t even know what their passions are anymore because they are clouded with thoughts of self doubt and of fears of not being able to do what they really love. They feel a pressure from outside of them to stay in one place and hear voices all around them saying how they cannot do something on their own.
That they need jobs and that they need order and structure to earn money and to survive, just to make it through the day you need to be organized and you need to have your stuff together.
They are trying to fit themselves into a belief from someone else about who they are. I see people trying to diminish their qualities for others, playing it small, fearing the judgment of others..

But you can break that cycle. You can break through that disbelief in yourself and in your abilities. Each and one of you came here with your own unique talents. ALL of you have your own qualities that are so important in this life. And when you use them for the greater good and and just because you love doing it, that is when you can step out of the thought of being a victim of these thoughts.  You are NO victim. You are all big and bright lights, if you could see that you are so powerful inside, like we all see you, that’s when you can realize that nobody can tell you what you have to do.

The way to step out of the fear is to JUMP into unknown and to trust that Spirit has your back. Do you know how much support you really have? When you do what you love and you step into your heart space you will feel that rush of power and of love flowing through your veins and through your whole body and that is how you will know that you are doing the right thing and that’s how you feel your invisible but yet strong and energetic support.

You are in the flow when you step into doing what you love. Figure out what your passion is and DARE to follow it. You can make a living out of following your passion because love is always rewarded with MORE love.  Do more of what you love and FEEL the power of your passion.
Go ride that wave, go jump into the ocean and take your surfboard.. and when you fall you get back up and you catch the next wave. You can’t go wrong. There is always a next wave, a next opportunity for you to take.

You never LOSE, you always WIN. Love ALWAYS wins.”


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