Archangel Gregory on releasing anger and frustration

”Hello my dear beloved earthy family. My name is Gregory and I am here to explain to you what is happening to earth in this moment with all its changes. The earth is changing its frequency and therefore everything that once was of service to you is part of an old system and is now being removed from the core.  This goes through different layers of Gaia and she is shedding old energy that has been present for a long time. The earth has been shedding for some time now and the energies that you are feeling are increasing and they are becoming stronger and more powerful,  this affects you physically as it does emotionally. Many of you are feeling anger and frustration coming to surface in this time. I want you to know that Gaia is purging these energies now and therefore you are all collectively being forced to release these too. This is why there are so many fires and why the weather seems to be extreme. In order for these negative emotions to be released and transmuted earth needs to bring it to surface and so this is brought forward in you too.

But do not despair because these emotions that are being released and transmuted are making space for light to come into your hearts and for the new energies to settle in your body. Your bodies will become stronger and diseases will not affect you as they used to in the past. The body is going through a detox as you are purging the old. It has no place in your bodies anymore: you will feel better and you will be stronger.  The spiritual detox is necessary for you as you are shifting to the new fifth dimensional vibration.

I will help you to release  and transmute the emotions of frustration and anger in these times when you call upon me. I am here of service to all of humanity.”

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