Quan Yin talks about compassion

“My dear ones. I am Quan Yin and I am here to talk to you about how to reach peace within yourself through compassion. There are many that are struggling that cannot find comfort and peace within their souls. When you look around you and when you see the pain that others are causing themselves and onto others it is creating an irritation and discomfort within your being. You are influenced by situations outside of you that you feel are unjustified or that cause great grief. You are all empathic beings and within your soul you carry an immense amount of compassion and love for all that is living.

It is hard for human beings to go deep within themselves and to feel this compassion for all because there is a part of you that does not want to approve the hurt that you are seeing and feeling. You want to hold on to it because you feel that it would be wrong to forgive others for actions that are distressing another living being. There is a belief in you that when you forgive another and understanding and compassion that you agree with their actions.

Dear ones, I am here to say that it isn’t so, that forgiveness and compassion is already a part of your being and that by going deep into that feeling you are recognizing others as part of creation and as a part of unconditional love just like yourself.
By showing compassion towards others is merely recognizing the divinity in another human being and when you do this then you allow for healing to take place in yourself and you will feel the unconditional love swirling around in your heart.  Forgiveness and compassion is one of the most strongest feelings of love one can have and with this you will feel peace. You will feel peace because you will see that every living being that is here on earth is a Divine creation. Each and one of you are magnificent beings of light. I hold compassion and unconditional love for you all. I am Quan Yin and I love you.”

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