Spirit guide Charlotte on grounding yourself into New Earth

“My beloved ones. I am coming forward to you in this time to talk to you about the importance of connecting yourself to the blessings of Gaia. Now that the change is happening to New Earth it is time for you to start grounding into the new frequency of New Earth. You are letting go of all that is old and no longer of use to you so it is important to you to welcome the new openly and being fully aware that these new energies are here to amplify your gifts and your talents.

It is for you all important not to look behind and to see how much pain and grief that you have gone through in your lives. It is important to look ahead with a positive attitude and with a positive mind. Now is the time for you to see all that is good in your life and all that is changing for you now. Many cannot see it yet with their eyes but there are big changes waiting ahead of you now.

If you could see how the energies are changing you could see how much more light there is coming down on earth. The light is taking over the whole of earth and what seems to be imbalanced is in fact the lower frequencies being raised to the higher ones. This feels for many as if the world is changing for the worse because chaos is what is being shown. But in reality it is the light that is overcoming the dense energies and they are doing a dance of their own as it is being cleared out.

Gaia is purging and Gaia is adjusting herself to these new energies. You are Gaia’s children and she wishes for you to keep a positive attitude towards all these changes. She is inviting you to connect with her and to feel her power, although this purging is an unpleasant one it is necessary for all of you to go through this so you are able to hold the new codes in your bodies.

Today I invite you to stand with your feet in the New Earth and to envision the roots from your feet going deeply and firmly into the ground of this beautiful New Earth. Feel the power and the love coming from Gaia all through your body. Gaia is a master healer and she will heal your bodies as your bodies are a gift from her. She will infuse your every cell with love and with healing. Do this daily until you feel connected to her soul and until you feel that you are ONE with her for she holds the power to heal us all.”

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