Starbeing Anistar from the 7th dimension on expanding your view about lightbeings

“Hello brothers and sisters. I am Anistar and I am here to aid humanity into shifting into the new frequencies of unconditional love that are currently being brought forward to earth. There are many of my kind and other races that are making themselves known to you. Those who are awakened are noticing more of our presence as we wish to connect with you now even more so than ever before. As these frequencies will be rising and will be changing and transforming the lower frequencies as the veil is going to become even thinner and things will become more apparent to you. It is not only you, the ones who are awakened, that will start noticing us but the ones that are asleep will start to see us as well as this is what is set out to happen in the future.

We will no longer be hidden from you and those who wish our help will receive it upon request. You will start to hear others share their experiences of meetings with beings such as ourselves. Know that these are not just stories but that they are true and that more and more will come forward with this information. It is time for humanity to open up their minds and start accepting that there are more different beings out in the universe and that many came to help earth and their brothers and sisters. We do not look the same as you in appearance but our hearts share the same love.

My message for you is not to fear the changes that you are going through right now, as painful and as hopeless as they might seem in the moment they are for the greater good and they will help you to transcend all that is holding you back from moving forward and shifting into the new dimension. All of you have a choice in which you wish to participate and we wish for you to be in the frequency that is aligned with your heart. Open your minds and start seeing with your heart as the truth is far bigger than your eyes can ever reach. Be open to the universal flow and feel the truth in your hearts.”

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