Shamandari from the Ashtar Command

“I am Shamandari. I am with the Ashtar Command. Our mission is to make sure that no harm is done to you from outside influence. We are protecting you to see that you and earth ascends to the next level.. We are under service of Archangel Michael who is Ashtar and leading the way to freedom of humanity.

You do not need to worry about influence from other alien beings that can do harm. There are many of you who still think in seperation and who fear these new beings as they make themselves known to you. You have to understand that the star beings that are connecting to you right now are the ones of a high vibrational state. Others are not allowed to interfere anymore as the Federation of Light is watching over that you all get the necessary help that is from a place of unconditional love.

I am asking for you to step out of the state of fear right now and to open your mind to receiving messages from other star beings that want to connect with you and work with you. Many of you travel to your brothers and sisters during dreamtime and you are working with us to help earth. Yes, you are even participating with us in meetings and help us find ways to help you.

You are all star beings and you all chose to forget and to come back to earth to help your brothers and sisters and you can feel alien being on earth. But we are not out of reach for you. We are all so nearby and so close to you that if you wish to you can even communicate with us yourself. The time will come that all of you will have a clear connection to your galactic family and this time is coming soon.

We want you to be ready for this and to overcome your fear of us. Start noticing us in your thoughts, we use telepathic communication.. you do not need to fear us. You are highly protected.. we are only a thought of way from you and we can help you with anything you wish us to. ”

There are more drawings on my Facebook page, please feel free to come take a look there:

As an intuitive artist I can tune into your energy and see which guide wants to connect with you in this time. The price for a spirit guide drawing is €50 and it comes with a channeled message. Contact me for more info.🌟

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