Cordelia the magical fairy about using your fantasy and creativity

I have to say that this is the most FUN message that I have channeled so far. Just her energy made me giggle like a little girl. I feel a lot of playfulness and a very carefree feeling about it… It makes me think that we often take life too serious and don’t have nearly enough fun just being us. Cause honestly, aren’t we all just kids inside? She’ll definitely help you to get out your fun side and forget about being an adult for a while. Do you dare to step into fantasyland? 😉

“Hi, my name is Cordelia and I am from the land of the fairies. When you think of my land you can think of it as a real fairytale. You can come to me and visit me all around the magical forest and discover all of the beings that you have never seen before. Yes, we even have dragons here, we have mermaids and we have pixies flying around. Ever thought that Peter Pan isn’t real? Well, yes it is! What do you think that Peter Pan was really based on? That’s right, the one that came up with this story just knew how to channel our realm.

Many of you channel our realm and you are not even aware of it. All these children’s stories that you tell them before bedtime, these are real stories. All that you come up with from the top of your mind and when you use your fantasy you really tap into our creativity and into our magic. When we notice that you focus your thoughts to think about magic and when you use your fantasy we are instantly there to encourage you in your creativity. Because it is when you use your fantasy and imagination that you really open up a portal or a gateway to the other dimension. When you think of magical creatures you are opening yourself up to our dimension and: oh how we welcome you here! We are encouraging you ALL to tap into your imagination and to use it in your life every day! It is not dreamy, it is not distracting, it is not unreal like you were all told to believe: it is ALL REAL! It is all so magical and it will turn you back into feeling the wonders of life.

You all have a Peter Pan in you.. you all explore our realm in your dreams. You go back to what reality is really about when you close your eyes and when you go to sleep. But wouldn’t this be fun if you would do this during the day too? Wouldn’t it be fun to just feel like you live in magic land all day long? IT IS possible! All you have to do is to believe again and to use your creativity and your mind in a different way then you were taught… AWAY with logic! There’s really nothing logical about anything that you are about to experience in the future. 😉

Have you been thinking about getting into painting again or do you feel like going to an amusement park or just use the swing like you see that child across you in the street? DO IT! Live in the moment, be in the joy, just be the most magical you that you can be! 🙂

We are here to encourage you and support you in any creative thought that you have! On with it, go have some FUN! ❤

Cordelia, the magical fairy from lala land.”

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