Spirit guide Aidan on the importance of taking care of our oceans

“Dear ones. My message is to all those who are reading this. I want to talk to you about the importance of taking care of your waters. The majority of your planet exists out of water and it is essential for life on earth. You have not been taking care of it as you should. It is not receiving the love and the care that it needs. There is pollution happening all over the world. Some of this pollution is being hidden from you.. there are terrible things happening to your waters which make you ill and which you are not even aware of. Everything that is being dumped in the water is being consumed by you which affects your health and wellbeing. Not only does it affect you, it also affects the animals and the future generations. I urge you to take responsibility for your actions towards the water and to do your part. No matter how small it is in what you do: it matters. If you find plastic on the street or trash near the water: pick it up and throw it away. Watch how much water you use and most important: be grateful that you can use this powerful essence and spirit of this element for it is of your service here on earth.

Even if all you can do is raise awareness about te water to others please do so. Make the change happen in yourself and pass it on to others.

I am from another dimension that exists here on earth and under the water. You are being helped with the care of earth but we see what is happening and more of you need to become aware of your own responsibility in the change in the world. Be the change that you wish to see in others. Take matters into your own hands and be strong. You were meant to do this and you can. Be well and be strong, my friends.”

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