She-Ra from the Galactic Federation of light

Dear ones, I am with the Galactic Federation of light. I am with the ground crew and we collect information that we bring back on board about life of different species and plants on different planets. We process this information and we use this for the greater good and to create life and bring it to other planets. It is similar as to how your species was created on earth a long time. It was a combination of different species this is why many of you can relate to certain alien materials as this is in your DNA. All of you have different types of blood in you that come from different planets. You are like hybrids gathered from all over the universe. It was an experiment but it is done with the intent of growth and to see how you evolve from being basic beings where you use your insticts to growing into a species that is aware and has a bigger consciousness.

Those of you who have chosen to be awakened at this time is helping humanity to remember their heritage. You will start seeing news coming up about your history, new facts, facts that were hidden from you because this information has been known to some of you for a long time. It was chosen to be hidden from you as this would give you power and the freedom to expand and to grow bigger than those that are in charge. There is a small group in your world that knows the truth and that chooses to hide for you. But thanks to starseedsĀ  you are now receiving the information straight from Source. There is no hiding in this information anymore and many of you will be receiving the truth about where humanity really comes from. It will come in bits and in pieces and use your discernment in all, especially when you feel that it frightens you, disregard it. Don’t pay attention to news that scares you because this means that it is false.

Dear ones, trust above everything your own heart and your feelings, they are your true guides. It is not only us that is passing on information to you but your heart holds all the information that you need to know. Ever heard of clearknowing? It is now available to all of you. You can go straight to your own Source / Heart, which is the same thing, and you can varify your information there. This is how you will be able to clear and get past false information because we see a lot of information being spread about aliens that is false.

Even in spirituality you need to use you discernment because not all comes from a place of unconditional love. When information is being given it first passes the human filter and when this is not clear from obstacles (personal opinions and thoughts) then this might give conflicting information. Once again: above all: trust your higher heart. There is more to come for you, so keep your minds and hearts open to receive.”

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