Archangel Raphaels message about healing

“I am seeing the struggles of your heart and the hurt that you are going through. These pains can settle into your bodies and they can cause you illnesses and discomforts because they are not being released from your nervous system. It is like releasing a virus on the computer without paying attention to it: they can take over and it can cause havoc so you don’t know where to begin looking to remove it.
The same thing happens with your body, it reacts to emotional pain which causes distortion in your body and this shows in different symptoms. The most powerful healing tool that people have is already within their own bodies. It is your precious heart that makes your body function and therein lies the key for healing.

Right now you are opening up your hearts and you are allowing the energies to come into your bodies which can bring up physical and emotional pain for you. This pain has an emotional cause that has settled there a long time ago and is now being released. Many of you are experiencing physical pain that has either never been there or has become worse than before. Know that this is because the higher frequencies are being integrated into your bodies which then collide with the old emotional pains that settled in your muscles and tissues. It is important for you to stay peaceful in this time and to breathe through these energies. Fill yourself with the emerald green light of healing and feel it in your bodies. It is because your heart is being healed that you are able to go deeper into the feeling of love and therefore you can feel the old pain that has not been processed and released yet.

Keep breathing through these energies, dear ones, keep taking care of your emotions and love yourself and your bodies through everything that you are experiencing. Be mindful of your own thoughts and how you feel about yourself because your body listens to you and it responds to it accordingly. Think lovingly and nurture yourself because this is how you heal yourself. “

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