My higher self speaks on how to access your own wisdom

“Hello my dearest and beloved earth family. I am pleased to connect with you all as I love earth dearly and I enjoy connecting to you every single one of you.

 Today I want to talk to you about the wisdom in your own hearts. These are the times where all is made available to you, where once information wasn’t accessible to you now it is completely open and free to access it for you. You often feel like you cannot tap in it yourself but all that is hindering for you in doing so is your own mind. Your mind tends to stop you from feeling into your own heart and find the answers there yourself. My purpose is to help you with connecting you back to your soul because you have all been given this power by Source for you to use. Many of you do not know how to start accessing this divine information in yourself and now you are wondering:  “but how do I do to that? How do I possibly start listening to my own inner voice?”

 You start by taking a deep breath in and asking your body to help you clear your mind. Then you invite your higher self to speak to you. Your higher self is your own inner voice and the next step is to TRUST. To trust that what you hear, see, feel, experience is in fact your own soul speaking to you. Now that you are shifting into a higher dimension your awareness is expanding which means that you are now integrating more of your higher self into your bodies. It will become natural for you to speak from a place of love and to be connected to your heart / Higher Self.

I would like you to start being aware when you speak from your heart and truth that this is in fact your higher self speaking through you. This is why we are all encouraging for you to start taking the steps to live from your heart and to follow your passions. ALL is available to you right now, you do not have to slave away to earn money. You don’t have to be submissive to have a good life. You do not have to be less than who truly are inside to SHINE like the mighty and bright stars that you are. The ones who are reading this will feel the truth in these words and they will give you power for all messages that are written from the heart have healing and activating codes. I am here to work with you and to help you access your own Source power so that YOU can rise above any obstacle that you are fearing in your life. You were meant to be great, you were meant to be powerful. Don’t you know that YOU are a true leader?

 It is time now.. it is time for every single soul that is reading this to stand up and love so deeply that you honor your souls wish. I love you now and I always will.”

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  1. This is so amazing, for first how I came to your page. You know how and secondly, I so feel all of this truth and it is so easy to understand, feel and work with. Thank you so much, you beautiful soul ❤


  2. This is so true, that it is somewhat diff to think that it is easy to get in contact with my higher self. At the same time I want it so much and know that it talks to me. Getting help from this beautiful Angel “I accept and will listen”, is just so wonderful. Thank you ❤


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