Goddess Savannah: compassion towards yourself

“I am Savannah and I am going to talk to you about having compassion towards yourself today. In these times of rapid changes and of new and accelerating energies it is hard to see through the layers of density and through the pain that you are going through. Some of you are struggling with the change and some of you are tired of not being able to catch yourself or to lose yourself in these high vibrational energies. Sometimes it can feel to you like you are a fighting a battle and when you seem to get better you get thrown back into an emotion or wound that you thought you have already had passed.

My dear ones, please take care of yourselves like you would care for another, show yourself the love and the compassion that of which you would show to another. You are all innocent and you too deserve the care and the love that you desire deep inside. It is when you feel the care and the love for yourself that you will be able to relax and take a deep sigh of relief.  Treat yourselves with the utmost compassion, care and softness.

 I would like for you all to sit down for a moment and feel the energy of your heart. When you connect to the frequency of compassion you will be immersed in the most peaceful and loving frequency that you can imagine.  Start today with calling in this frequency into your energy space and you will carry it for the rest of the day. Set your intention daily to feel it and you will see how it will be reflected back it you from others.

You are all the carriers of Source energy and it is your choice on which energy you wish to feel and to experience. So please, dear ones, be mindful of the power that you have within to create what you wish and what you want to feel in your lives.

I wish you well, beloved ones and I am here of service to you all.”

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