Archangel Uriel about finding peace in who you are within

“My dear ones. I have stepped forward to share to you my message to have the faith and the trust to be yourself and to find the peace that you are all longing for.
You are often looking for power outside of yourself and you are seeking validation from others to make sure you know that you are on the right path. It is hard when you do not know who you are deep inside and to have trust in yourself in knowing that you are doing the right thing. You are often doubting yourself: in who you are, in what you do, in what you feel and even in what you are thinking. These doubtful thoughts about yourself are only pushing you away from who you really are. Instead of validating your qualities it is actually causing a greater distance of your own self knowledge. There is no greater power than the power of knowing who you are. As you have often heard everything starts with self love and how deep you are able to understand and love yourself.
You are judging yourself for your journey in this life and you are hard on yourself when you fail to achieve your own goals.

Have you ever considered that your own true goal is to be truly yourself in whichever way you choose to express this? We all see you as Light that has forgotten how bright it really shines. So we are helping you for the search of your inner knowledge. In fact you are all looking for the same thing in life. You are all seeking to feel love and to be loved in return. But in order to do this you first must know what it is that your soul is truly all about. As these times move ahead you are integrating more of your higher self into your human body and you will start to feel more love for the things that you have not felt before, you will start to discover that you do not really like or dislike certain things that you used to. You will see that you are much more than who you thought you were.
It is like a whole new world will open to you and you will feel and see all these possibilities that you are ready to discover. Some of you are already feeling the urge to explore different areas of life and wanting more out of life. This is your soul coming into your body even more than ever before.

I wish for you to start going inside your own heart to find the security and the validation that you are looking for outside of yourself. Get to know yourself: what do you feel, what do you love, what is your deepest desire? Don’t be afraid to accept the changes that you are feeling right now for you are becoming a different person then you used to be. Accept these changes about yourself and explore your inner world like a child that is on a new playground and feel the peace come over you.

I am with you on your journey and I am delighted to see how you evolve and grow into the souls that you truly are. I am here to help you to feel the peace within and to help you drop into your heartspace so that you too can experience this feeling of love. I am Archangel Uriel”

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