My spirit guide team and Archangel Michael explain why we have struggles with receiving money

Everyone that I know has had some kind of struggle with money. I have experienced this my whole life and it can give you so much fear when you feel that you won’t have enough to survive or that you have to work your butt off just to have enough.
I noticed that I have a heavy beliefsystem when it comes to money. My relationship with money has always been one where I felt I needed to work hard to earn it and somehow it is easier to receive money when you work for someone else because it’s THEM setting how much you are worth and it’s just easier to accept. But when I try to work for myself I noticed that my self-worth isn’t great and that I have a hard time charging what I believe I am worth. How come it is so hard to think of money as something that is flowing easily in our lives? Why is money a dirty word? Why is it something that we never seem to have enough of and why we need to work hard to prove our worth?

**The symbol in the picture is to  bring balance and harmony within our system about money.**

I asked this question to my spirit team and Archangel Michael took the word to explain :

“When it comes to money we have to go back many, many centuries to define your relationship with it. Humanity is a young species and it has been looking for ways to make the system a beneficial one to gain wealth and to gain power. Since the early days you have made money to be an exchange of energy. The human history has gone through violence and through centuries of abuse, pain and you have also used money in a way that reflects this energy. Money is one of the oldest energies that exists on earth.

Now when you look back at how money has been used and misused throughout time you will understand why it is loaded with such heavy energy. Those of you that have been on earth many times and have incarnated here always have had encounters with money and with power. Each and one of you have been in the role of the poor and in a role of the rich. This is significant for your growth in experiencing what it is to be on each side of these energies for they all gave you great knowledge in your souls growth.

When you incarnate you come back in a body that has a cellular memory and you come with karmic lessons. Since all of you have had lives where you used money and went through the pain of lacking money or being abused by someone that has had power because of their wealth you are carrying this in your cellular memory. Think of the lives where you were poor and living on the streets, where you were a prostitute and had to sell your body to survive, when you were a slave and people made money by using you, where you had to work hard to make ends meet to take care of your family.. this is something that you carry in your cellular memory and that can hold you back from having a loving relationship with money because subconsciously you remember what you needed to do for money in order to survive. This is what many of you feel when you think of earning money: for you this is a means to survive so that you can have food and everything you need.
You can have fear or even panic attacks when you think of what it would be like not to have money. This is all from your karmic experiences from lifetimes where you had to survive. Now it is time to change this and we have been working on your DNA to change it and to release this from your cellular memory. In this moment this is what is being worked on. There needs to be harmony within yourself so that you can create abundance from a place of wholeness, not from a place of lack. Many of you are feeling the urge to start working for yourself and many of you struggle to get passed the feeling that you cannot do it on your own and that you are not good enough to charge what you offer from your hearts. Know that this is something that is in the collective energy and it has to do with what is in your cellular memories. It is being cleaned and cleared out so that you can pursue your endeavors in faith and in trust that you are going to be taken care of because the Universe is in support of you all.
Many of you, lightworkers in particularly, are struggling to charge what you feel is worth because you are feeling the dense energy when it comes to money. We encourage to continue to feel your self-worth and to pursue your talents and passions for you are guided all the way and you will not be left in a place where you need to struggle to earn money. Open up your hearts to receive abundance and feel that you are worthy to have an income that you need.

Work actively to change your perception on money and that earning money has to be something you need to suffer through. The suffering is over, the pain and the abuse are over, you are safe and you are guided through every step of your journey. Trust your hearts and open yourself to receive all that you need. You are safe and you are loved, I am Michael.”
Some affirmations to reprogram your mind and your cells:

I am worthy of receiving all that my heart desires
I open the door to abundance and I receive with an open heart
I am a magnet for money
I receive money from following my passion
Money flows to me easily
I am open and ready to receive money
I attract money from unexpected sources and I am grateful
I welcome money into my life and I am ready to receive it

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