The angelic team explains how you can tap into your heart to create instead of following your fearful mind

When you are feeling doubt and having negative thoughts about yourself or about your life you are connected to your mind. Because this is where it all starts. Your initial feelings about anything happen in the mind. When you let your thoughts dwell in your mind for too long they become your reality and it then seems as you have no options but to feel and think the way you do. One thought leads to another one where you create and attract situations that were birthed from a single thought. The next step for your body is to react to your thoughts and because you have focused on your thoughts so long and made up other negative beliefs you start to begin to feel the ‘truth’ of your creation. Your body starts responding to these thoughts as if they are already real. You start to feel the anxiety and you start to embody the vibration of fear like these thoughts and situations you created in your mind have already manifested themselves into your life. This causes you to lower your vibration and then you feel like you are in a limbo with no way of getting out of it. All of this happens with a single thought that you allow to take over and lead a life of its own. This is what your mind will do when you do not connect to the frequency of your heart.

How do you connect to your heart? First you have to understand that the frequency of your heart is the highest vibration there is. It is the connection to the Universe where you can find limitless access to peace, love, joy, wisdom and many other supportive energies. Think of your heart as having the biggest energy field in your whole body. Your heart has an immense energy field that starts in the center of your body. Your heart is intelligent, it has its own wisdom and it always follows the Higher Intelligence.

When you have a negative thought you have to become aware of this thought. Be very mindful of your own self talk and what you allow yourself to think. When you become aware of a thought like this then turn your focus on your heart. You close your eyes and take three deep breaths in and out and you focus with your mind on your heart and then you let go of this thought into the infinite Source of your heart frequency. You just release this thought from the moment you feel the energy of your heart. That energy is the strongest one there is and it can transform anything into Love. Love conquers all, remember?

This is something to make a daily practice of. Your thoughts occur daily in your mind. You even take over other peoples thoughts and you can create situations from these thoughts that do not serve your higher good. Creation and manifestation do not happen when you THINK but they happen when you FEEL. So think happy thoughts and create from a state of peace and joy. Instead embodying the vibration of doubt and negativity start creating from positive thoughts and then you will start creating what your heart truly desires and not what your mind fears.

Make a distinction in what is a fear based thought and what you truly feel inside. Your heart never fears because it holds the Infinite Truth. Use this power to your advantage and create what you truly feel inside. Your mind will follow your heart once you bring balance in these energies.

You can practice in meditation as this connects you to your heart and just by doing this once a day you will be able to feel the peace in yourself and feel the difference when you are constantly in your mind. If you can’t meditate you can go for a walk in nature and let your thoughts be immersed in the energy of it by listening to the birds or feeling the breeze on your skin. Even when doing the dishes focus on how you feel the water on your hands and let yourself be fully present in the moment. You don’t have to make a huge effort to connect to your heart.. You can always do this by simply focusing your thoughts on being in the present moment.. The present moment is your connection to Source energy. When you are present and fully focused on feeling the magic in the moment you are already in your heart space. It is that simple!

Enjoy your day today and be the creator of your heart.”

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