Are you fully open to receive from the Universe or do you feel more comfortable giving?

After thinking to myself and feeling into the energy of abundance / love I received the message below from my guides. Maybe you can recognize yourself in this.
It brings some clarity if you are struggling with abundance and receiving love.

“People have been used to giving. They either give away their money, their time, their effort, their energy, their love, their dedication, they slave away in order to make others happy. You associate giving with love. It makes you feel good when you give because it gives you a nice feeling and that this is all you truly need, you believe.
Receiving is hard for humans because they do not trust it. When you want to receive you think you will have to give something in return so you rather not open yourself up and take it even when it is for free. You do not trust the motivation of it and you do not believe there is such a thing as receiving anything ‘for free’.  You even have a saying that goes: ‘nothing in life is for free’.  This is because in the past when somebody would give you money you would have to give something in return. Think of past lives such as prostitutes (giving your body to receive money in return), selling what you loved and you had no option because you needed to survive (this included even selling your children), someone in a higher position (forcing you to sell) buying your land so you are left with nothing.
You have had countless interactions and experiences like this in past lifetimes. So now that when the Universe wants to give you abundance you do not trust it and you doubt that it is real and possible because in your cellular memory there is a fear of being abused when you accept money. But what it all comes down to is that you fear of accepting LOVE. Not able to receive abundance is equal to not being able to receive love. So instead you just continue to give more and more of yourself up to the point where you are tired of life and where you feel you are not heard, seen, valued, noticed, accepted.

But now it is time to see that you did not only come here to give all that you have, but you came to receive all that you DESERVE. This is your birth right. When there is no balance in giving and receiving (think feminine / masculine energy and the infinity sign where the energy flows) you will get tired and you will not see your true power because you are imbalanced when you only give.

It is now time for you to start receiving. Practice your mind to reprogram your cellular memory into believing that you now can receive abundance / love. Talk to your cells, to your whole body so that it hears that you are ready to receive love. Your body responds to your thoughts, to your voice, to the energy and vibration that you speak from and it will start shifting. Right now the whole collective energy is shifting into be able to receive love and this is why you might have felt sensations in your heart. This is a big change and it is happening for all of you, but in order for you to start using this new change that is occurring you must actively work on changing your subconscious belief.
The faster you realize what your belief is the faster you will be able to move through it and start receiving love / abundance. Be aware that when you start reprogramming your cellular memory that anxiousness and fear might come up as all things that are going to be released will be felt in your body.
Treat yourself with love, kindness and compassion and move through it.
Affirmations you can use are:
*I am ready to receive love with an open heart I open myself up to live in abundance
*I trust the Universe and I accept to receive the love in my heart
*I surrender my fears and my doubts to the Universe
*I am safe and protected and I receive all that the Universe has to give me

Keep repeating these affirmations daily until you start believing them because it is only then when you will be able to receive what you truly deserve.

You all came not only to serve others, as many of lightworkers believe, but you came to live in full abundance provided by the Universe. So start believing you are worthy to have it all and so much more than you have ever dreamed. The Universe is abundant and you are the Universe incarnated.”

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