Energetic update: “the wounded divine masculine”

**Energy update**
Written by Anisha Ana

“Several energetic shifts have taken place since the full moon which caused our inner feminine / collective feminine to become aware the kind of pain the inner masculine / collective masculine carries within.
There has been a lot of movement to help the feminine, to protect her from abuse and her countless painful experiences. 
But we were not able to see that the masculine also had pain and how many times he has been abused and all of the pressure he has been feeling.

This week the DNA coding of our inner masculine is being cleared and healed. The masculine nor the feminine need to be the leader, we are beings of love and we can embrace each other in love. 
Do not blame the feminine or the masculine, look at what kind of trauma’s or DNA coding that you came to earth with. 
What did you inherit from your parents, grandparents and so on? Expansion of the collective consciousness is now happening, allow yourself to receive healing in this. Do not hold on to the old, it will cause physical pain, frustration, aggression, everything that you do not need.”

You can find Anisha Ana’s Facebookpage here

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