Elf Arwyn: the true human nature

This is a commissioned intuitive drawing that I am allowed to share from a soul sister. This is Arwyn (Elf / Fae) with this message:

“Dearest ones, inhabitants of earth. It has been a long time that you have been asleep and you have forgotten what your true human nature really is about. You think that your nature is one that destroys and kills. When you look at people from that perspective it means you do not see who you really are and you do not see who your Creator is. When you speak with words that all what humanity does is destruct then this is because you were made to believe this over many centuries, but you do not need to continue to have this belief for it is false.
Your true human nature is one of creation. We also see that there is pain in your world and that is because people do not see their true selves and they fail to see their true nature.
YOU dear ones, the one that is reading this right now, know the truth. You are the game changers in this world and now you need to start seeing your true human nature. As long as you carry the belief that humans are destructing and are killing the planet you are not contributing to the energy of love that you carry within yourself.
All of you have been given the ability and the wisdom to see the truth beyond the illusion of the Matrix. Go deep within and start seeing humanity and people as the magic creators of your planet even if your eyes perceive the truth to be different. Do not look with your eyes, dear ones, look with your heart. Even where there is destruction there is love to be found, even if it is just YOU who is choosing to BE love in that instant. You are powerful because you choose in what energy you walk in and you can choose to see past the illusion. Humanity’s true power is love, this is your human nature. Look at yourselves as love and you will become it. Do not lose hope in humanity for it is YOU who is changing the world.
Gaia needs you to remember who you are and what you are made of.
SEE your true nature and SEE the love in humanity for it is the love that is within yourself.”

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