Your presence here is enough to change the world

Hi all! This is a new commissioned higher self drawing that I am allowed to share from a beautiful soul sister. 
This is a starbeing that has a message from all our galactic brothers and sisters. Enjoy this transmission as it is full with unconditional love!

“Greetings, beautiful humanity. The changes that you are going through are felt throughout the universe. We are all connected in Oneness and when you change then all other planets feel this change as well. It is not only Gaia that is ascending but every planet that is in this universe is going through its own ascension.

Dear ones, you are not only releasing for Gaia but you are contributing to the whole Universe and for this we are all very grateful. We applaud those that chose to come in this time to bring down their own unique essence. You came from all different planets, some further away and some closer by, but all of you chose to help Gaia and the rest of the Universe by spreading your Light. Your essence is embedded with specific codes that you decided to bring down to earth. This energy is being brought down to you from your higher self so that you can change the coding in Gaia. You see, in order for Gaia to change she needs the new light coding that you bring down in your vessel. You are releasing her old coding and at the same time your body is receiving new codes that you ground deep into Gaia. She is receiving the codes through your specific and unique channel. So even when you think that you are not doing enough in your human perspective think of how much new light codes you are spreading through your presence. You are shining as bright stars and I am not exaggerating when I say this. When you close your eyes and when you look at yourself with your true eyes then you will see that the light you have is bigger than your physical appearance and this light is shining brighter each day.

Dearest ones, you are enough. You are all doing more than enough and you are all spreading so much light that you are seen far beyond your planet. Each day humanity is getting closer to seeing the Truth and it is because of you: the awakened ones. The ones that chose to live with an open and free heart. Feel this love that we all have for you that are watching over you. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for what you came to do on earth. We are pouring down our love to you and each day you are able to feel this love more and more. We love you and we are all so proud of you.”

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