Isis: Awaken the God / Goddess within

This is a commissioned spirit guide drawing that I am allowed to share from a wonderful soul. I felt the huge power of Isis while writing the message. Time to awaken the God / Goddess within!

“Children of Gaia: those that are the mighty Creators of life on earth and those that are the true and powerful Gods and Goddesses. The time is now coming to fully understand and feel the power of your own true essence. That which one you have been denying for so long even though that you have been wanting to feel this within yourself. You have felt lost in this world and alone. Your eyes have been failing you to show you the truth of the miracle of being on this planet.

My dear ones, I am here to say that none of this is your fault. You are not flawed, you are not blind, you are not at fault of not being able to see your own beauty and your own nature. The truth has been covered up from you since the beginning of times and not all that has been on earth has come with the purest intentions. These times are behind you now. The truth of your history, of your heritage and of the universal law is being uncovered now for you to see. With this comes great responsibility as it is up to you all now to own your truth so that you can change the world. Choose right now to integrate your own God / Goddess aspect within yourself in order for you to start feeling this power. With this you will gain knowledge and you will understand what is happening on earth from a perspective that is not from the mind but from your soul. As you are merging all aspects and all layers within yourself you will start to see that there truly is no separation with any being on earth or in the hereafter. I live in every heart and I shine my light in every one of you.

Time to rise, dear ones, time to stand up and not let yourself be moved by darkness that is not a part of your inner world any longer. Know that the hardest times are over and that the feeling of love is now stronger: your light is stronger than what you perceive with your eyes. Your light is your truth and you can choose now to see this light about yourself. 
I AM Isis and I stand with you.”

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